Finding Leather for our Leather Lounges

It doesn’t matter how trends in the furniture industry change, one thing remains constant: distinguished buyers always choose leather lounges to finish the look of every lounge room and office.

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Buying a leather lounge should be done with great consideration. Your leather lounge should be of high quality and durable. It will probably be one of those items you buy once in a lifetime.

And it ought to last you a lifetime.

Where do we find the leather for our leather lounges?

One can’t just say that leather is leather is leather. No, there is a vast difference in the quality of the leather you find in different countries.

We source the leather we use in the manufacturing of our custom made lounges from countries like Italy, Scotland and New Zealand. By doing so, we ensure that not only do we use top quality leather but the animals the leather came from, were treated humanely.

Whilst leather is both durable and beautiful, nobody wants an animal to be treated inhumanely just so we can have a beautiful leather lounge. There are countries where it is common knowledge that animals are being treated inhumanely, just so that they can have leather for export. In some of these countries we find some of the biggest exporters of leather in the world.

However, because of the inhumane treatment of their animals, Leisure Lounges will never import leather from these countries, no matter how cheap it is.

So why leather from Italy, Scotland and New Zealand?

No animal husbandry takes place in these countries with the specific aim to produce leather. Leather in these countries are made from hides that would have been destroyed, if not bought by leather manufacturers.

Because animals are slaughtered for their meat, the hides are a by product that then is sold to be made into leather. If these hides weren’t used in leather lounges and other leather products, they would go to waste.


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