Our Top 3 Furniture Buys for 2014

You may be thinking of updating your lounge room with new furniture. Then this is the time to do it. However, it often happens that customers know they want to do something new with a room but they have no idea where to start. A good starting point for a lounge room, is to choose a beautiful lounge around which you can place other pieces of furniture and decorate the rest of the room. We have chosen 3 of our top sellers to give you an idea what people are going for at the moment when it comes to custom made lounges.

Announcing our top 3 lounges


custom designed daybed, dreamcoat daybed, furnitureIf you are looking for the perfect piece of furniture for your theatre or television room, you can’t walk past the Dreamcoat Theatre Daybed.

The colours on Joseph’s dreamcoat was the inspiration behind this colourful custom made daybed. When this project came to fruition the realization came: seeing this daybed, will cause your children to have the same expression of awe and amazement that Joseph must have had, putting on his coat for the first time. All children love playing around on this colourful piece of furniture.

The Dreamcoat Theatre Daybed was custom made in our factory in Sydney. However, if you need it to be made bigger, smaller or maybe in different colours, we can custom make it to suit your exact needs. You give us the measurements you want, choose your material and within a few days, you will have your own custom designed daybed in your home.


custom made modular chaise lounge, narellan modular chaise lounge, furnitureModular lounges have become very popular over recent years. And when it comes to modular lounges, nothing beats the style and comfort of the Narellan Modular Chaise Lounge. Combining the stylish comfort of a chaise lounge with all the practical features of a modular lounge, the Narellan Modular Chaise Lounge is one of our top sellers.

Named after the Sydney suburb Narellan, this modular lounge encapsulates the classic yet modern style of Narellan. It is just perfect for that big lounge room or family room that never has enough seating. This lounge will provide you ample seating while still providing style and comfort at the same time.

As with all our other furniture, any feature of this custom made lounge can be changed to suit your exact needs. From the size to the material your modular chaise lounge is covered with, can be changed exactly the way you want it. The possibilities are endless!


custom made leather lounge, whittle leather lounge, furnitureLeather lounges have always been ageless classics. You just can’t go wrong with a good leisure couch.

The Whittle Leather Lounges come in a range of different sizes. It can be made either as an armchair or a couch that seats as many as you would like.

The Whittle Leather Lounge range resembles the classic style of the Victorian era.  Having it dressed in one of our wide range of leathers, gives it that added touch of elegance. The versatile design of this couch makes it suitable for your beautiful lounge but can also add that tasteful touch to your office or study. From the rounded arms to the beautifully crafted wooden legs and studded finishes, your new couch will be the pride and joy of any room you put it in.

So what are you waiting for? Come see us and get the best deal on custom made furniture around.

Why We Use Solid Timber When Building Your Custom Made Lounge

One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis, is why we use a solid timber frame instead of the cheaper MDF option when building our custom made lounges. The answer is easy: we are proud of the quality of our Australian made furniture.

custom made lounge, whittle 3 seater lounge

Using solid Australian grown timber when constructing the frame of your lounge, ensures that your lounge will have a frame that won’t break when the children jump on it or your 500 pound uncle comes for a visit. It gives us the opportunity to offer you a 10 year guarantee on your custom made lounge and you can rest assured that it will last at least that long and longer.

A lot of furniture nowadays are built with MDF. It is a cheaper option as far as material goes and allows furniture companies to quickly mass produce furniture. However, as a customer of Leisure Lounges, you have come to know our furniture to speak of the highest quality.

Building you a custom made lounge of the highest quality is our priority.

So why do we not use MDF when manufacturing your custom made lounge?

  1. MDF is highly susceptible to damage if it gets wet. Moisture makes it swell and when it then dries out, it can crumble completely. Solid wood is a lot more resistant to water damage.
  2. MDF contains formaldehyde which can be dangerous and acts as an irritant to eyes and lungs when you come in direct contact with it.
  3. It does not hold screws and nails well, so a lounge built from MDF won’t last very long, as opposed to a solid timber frame that will last you a lifetime.
  4. MDF has very poor tensile strength, so children jumping on your lounge or putting a lot of weight on it can easily damage it. Our solid timber frames have both very good compressive strength as well as tensile strength, ensuring that you only get high quality custom made lounges from us at Leisure Lounges.

Call us today or drop by our showroom to see for yourself the quality of our furniture. We care about our customers. That is why we can make you a promise that you will never find any MDF in a custom made lounge you buy from us at Leisure Lounges.

Design Your Own Custom Made Lounge

custom made lounge, design your own custom made loungeHave you ever dreamed of designing your own custom made lounge? You don’t have to be an interior designer to have a picture in your head of your perfect lounge room. You have been walking around with that image in your head for a long time now. But you just can’t find that exact lounge you have been day-dreaming about for so long now. And no other lounge will do!

Many people have an idea of exactly the lounge they want. Some just have a house in which the usual sized lounges don’t fit and makes it look awkward. Maybe you have moved house and now the lounge that used to fit so perfectly in your old house, doesn’t do your new living room justice.

Often people give up and just buy any lounge they can find, just to have seating. However, if the interior of your house isn’t decorated the way you really want it to be, it can leave you feeling unfulfilled and always missing that perfect piece of furniture your heart desires.

If this is the case with your lounge, you need a custom lounge manufacturer who will be able to manufacture your lounge to your exact specifications – you need Leisure Lounges!

Leisure Lounges can build you a custom made lounge

Leisure Lounges specialises in custom made furniture to suit your lifestyle as well as your pocket. Quality, Australian made furniture made at our factory in Narellan, just outside Sydney, will make your living room, bedroom or study come alive.

Custom made lounges is what Leisure Lounges specialize in. We will help you design the perfect lounge for your needs – the lounge of your dreams. With Leisure Lounges, you now have the opportunity to have that lounge you have always dreamed of custom made just for you.

A custom made lounge can be made from a picture supplied by you. If you don’t have a picture or a drawing of the lounge you want, the friendly design staff at Leisure Lounges will help you design the perfect lounge for you and your family.

Every aspect of your lounge is customizable. From the size, the fabric, how hard or soft you want the seating to be; all can be done according to your exact specifications. You dream it and Leisure Lounges will make it for you.

Leisure Lounges has a range of more than 300 different fabrics for you to choose from. These fabrics are sourced from popular companies like Warwick, Zepel, Wortley, NSW leather, Italia Cuoi, Leather Italia, Designers Guild, Ralph Lauren, Titley & Marr, Gainsborough, Christian Lacroix, Great Southern Design, Voghi and many other distinguished fabric houses. You also have the opportunity to bring any fabric you may have and we can use it to tailor make your lounge to your exact taste.

Leisure Lounges gives you a 10 year warranty on everything from the solid timber frame, the foam and support structure of your lounge. All frames are built from solid timber and we never use any MDF. Your lounge will have extra strong supports and quality foams that are made by Dunlop foams.

Contrary to popular belief, you can have your lounge custom made at a price that will delight you. Since we sell custom made lounges at wholesale prices, you can be assured that you get the best furniture deal Sydney and the surrounding areas has to offer. We offer you the best quality at the best price.

Contact Leisure Lounges today to help you design the custom made lounge of your dreams.