Fabric Supplied by Radford Furnishings

Radford Furnishings is the biggest Australian fabric supply company. They are based in Melbourne and have been in business for over 35 years. They also have showrooms in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

At Leisure Lounges we specialize in custom made lounges

radford furnishings custom made lounge fabrics

Since here at Leisure Lounges we specialize in custom made lounges, we are always on the lookout for the best fabrics for our clients. This is where Radford Furnishings come in. They are the sole Australian distributor for a number of international fabric brands. Some of these brands include Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren Home, Designers Guild, William Yeoward and many more.

Our interior designers swoon over the range of fabrics Radford Furnishings have in stock. There is not a room that can’t be made to look better by using fabric supplied by them. They make the lives of interior designers a lot easier.

Not only do we use Radford furnishings when producing custom made lounges. Their wide range of beautiful yet durable fabrics are also a hit with our commercial clients. Durability is an important issue when it comes to the design of commercial furniture. Because the quality of their fabrics can be trusted for durability, we recommend it to our clients refurnishing hotels and other big commercial projects.

We also love using their fabrics when reupholstering a customer’s old lounge. By using their fabrics, we are able to refurbish old, dated lounges and bring them back to life again.

By ordering the most exquisite fabrics through Radford Furnishings, Leisure Lounges is able to provide you, the customer, with a unique lounge that has been custom made to suit your specific needs.

Whether you need a lounge to spruce up your bedroom or lounge room or whether you need beautiful seating for your office, let Leisure Lounges design and custom make it for you.

Your new custom made lounge will be your pride and joy, covered in fabric you chose from our range supplied by Radford Furnishings.

Design Your Own Custom Made Lounge

custom made lounge, design your own custom made loungeHave you ever dreamed of designing your own custom made lounge? You don’t have to be an interior designer to have a picture in your head of your perfect lounge room. You have been walking around with that image in your head for a long time now. But you just can’t find that exact lounge you have been day-dreaming about for so long now. And no other lounge will do!

Many people have an idea of exactly the lounge they want. Some just have a house in which the usual sized lounges don’t fit and makes it look awkward. Maybe you have moved house and now the lounge that used to fit so perfectly in your old house, doesn’t do your new living room justice.

Often people give up and just buy any lounge they can find, just to have seating. However, if the interior of your house isn’t decorated the way you really want it to be, it can leave you feeling unfulfilled and always missing that perfect piece of furniture your heart desires.

If this is the case with your lounge, you need a custom lounge manufacturer who will be able to manufacture your lounge to your exact specifications – you need Leisure Lounges!

Leisure Lounges can build you a custom made lounge

Leisure Lounges specialises in custom made furniture to suit your lifestyle as well as your pocket. Quality, Australian made furniture made at our factory in Narellan, just outside Sydney, will make your living room, bedroom or study come alive.

Custom made lounges is what Leisure Lounges specialize in. We will help you design the perfect lounge for your needs – the lounge of your dreams. With Leisure Lounges, you now have the opportunity to have that lounge you have always dreamed of custom made just for you.

A custom made lounge can be made from a picture supplied by you. If you don’t have a picture or a drawing of the lounge you want, the friendly design staff at Leisure Lounges will help you design the perfect lounge for you and your family.

Every aspect of your lounge is customizable. From the size, the fabric, how hard or soft you want the seating to be; all can be done according to your exact specifications. You dream it and Leisure Lounges will make it for you.

Leisure Lounges has a range of more than 300 different fabrics for you to choose from. These fabrics are sourced from popular companies like Warwick, Zepel, Wortley, NSW leather, Italia Cuoi, Leather Italia, Designers Guild, Ralph Lauren, Titley & Marr, Gainsborough, Christian Lacroix, Great Southern Design, Voghi and many other distinguished fabric houses. You also have the opportunity to bring any fabric you may have and we can use it to tailor make your lounge to your exact taste.

Leisure Lounges gives you a 10 year warranty on everything from the solid timber frame, the foam and support structure of your lounge. All frames are built from solid timber and we never use any MDF. Your lounge will have extra strong supports and quality foams that are made by Dunlop foams.

Contrary to popular belief, you can have your lounge custom made at a price that will delight you. Since we sell custom made lounges at wholesale prices, you can be assured that you get the best furniture deal Sydney and the surrounding areas has to offer. We offer you the best quality at the best price.

Contact Leisure Lounges today to help you design the custom made lounge of your dreams.