Victoria’s Throne in Revenge Got Destroyed – Get Your Revenge Chair Now!

That beautiful Revenge Chair. How could it be? How can a chair that beautiful be destroyed?

revenge chair, victoria's throne destroyed

Picture published by ABC Revenge on Twitter

Who killed the Revenge Chair?

Lydia Davis is a cruel woman. She used her guile to worm her way back into Conrad Grayson’s bed and inserted herself right in the middle of Victoria’s life – taking her place on Victoria’s Throne.

But how and why destroy that beautiful Revenge Chair?

That is exactly what happened in Series 3, Episode 11 of Revenge. Lydia demonstrates her disgust at Victoria’s rule of the social scene and Conrad’s life as she empties a glass of red wine all over the seat of that beautiful piece of furniture.

Victoria’s Throne, that beautiful chair that makes us dream of far-away places, is forever disfigured. The Revenge Chair in the lounge room of Grayson Manor, will never be the same again!

Fans of the Revenge chair were shocked. Maybe even more shocked than when we found out Charlotte and Emily are half sisters. Or even when we saw who shot Emily.

Fans took to Twitter and under the hashtag #ripthrone, expressed their shock and horror at the ill treatment of the beautiful chair.




We all waited keenly to see what Victoria will choose to replace her throne with. As we expected, the new throne is beautiful. But we will always miss our favourite Revenge Chair.

You can now own your own Revenge Chair

The good news is that Australians no longer have to stare longingly at the screen, hoping to catch a glimpse of that beautiful chair. That one is gone forever. But you can now be the proud owner of your own Revenge Chair. (And yours won’t have a red wine stain on it!)

Because here at Leisure Lounges we manufacture custom made lounges to suit any occasion, you can now order your very own custom made Revenge Chair. Looking exactly like the chair in the TV series, you will feel as good as Victoria did while sitting in that beautiful chair.

Don’t wait a minute longer. Contact Leisure Lounges now to order your own Revenge Chair and get the best deal in town.

The Best Leather to Use When You Make a Custom Made Leather Lounge

When making a leather lounge, there is probably nothing more important than choosing the right type of leather. The right type of leather can ensure that your custom made leather lounge will last you a lifetime.

The Leather We Choose When Making Your Custom Made Leather Lounge

custom made leather lounge

Shown here is our Brentley Modular Leather Chaise Lounge

Quality is very important to us, as it is to you. We want every one of our customers to be able to take pride in the quality of any leather lounge they buy from Leisure Lounges. For this reason we never use top grain, split leather or bonded leathers. Although it would be a cheaper option, the lack in quality makes it unsuitable for the manufacturing of our leather lounges.

While choosing the best quality leather for our leather lounges, we still sell it at a reasonable price. This ensures you get the best deal on a leather lounge in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

When importing leather for our leather lounges, we only choose from the following options:

Pigmented corrected grain leather

Corrected grain leather is any leather with an artificial grain applied to the surface. Any imperfections are corrected and an artificial grain is then impressed. The pigments on this type of leather gives your leather lounge that unique pigmented design that is so popular.

Pigmented full grain leather

Full grain leather hides have not been sanded or buffed the way corrected grain leather has. Since the grain remains completely intact, it allows for a strong and durable fibre. Full grain leather is also your most breathable leather, preventing that leather lounge sweat that is well-known in lounges of a lesser quality.

Full grain semi aniline leather

Semi aniline leather is a type of leather dyed with soluble dyes and then covered with a thin protective top coat to protect it from wear and staining.  When used on a full grain leather, it results in a leather lounge that retains the hide’s natural look with visible pores and scars, while also being protected against wear and tear.

Corrected grain semi aniline leather

In the case of a corrected grain semi aniline leather, your lounge has the protective cover of both the artificial grain applied to the surface as well as the protective top coat from the semi aniline treatment. This makes for an incredibly durable leather lounge.

Drum dyed full grain aniline leather with wax or oil finishes

This leather is dyed with soluble dyes without covering the surface with any topcoat paint or insoluble pigments.  There are different kinds of aniline leather, but the same kinds of dye is used in the process. The dye is clear and transparent and it allows the grain structure of the leather to be seen. It is a great leather to use when you want to show off the structure of the original hide in your leather lounge.

Each one of these leathers has a different quality to it. To us it doesn’t matter which one of these leathers you choose for the manufacturing of your custom made lounge, as they will all give you a top quality, durable leather lounge.

Finding Leather for our Leather Lounges

It doesn’t matter how trends in the furniture industry change, one thing remains constant: distinguished buyers always choose leather lounges to finish the look of every lounge room and office.

leather lounges, custom made leather lounge

Buying a leather lounge should be done with great consideration. Your leather lounge should be of high quality and durable. It will probably be one of those items you buy once in a lifetime.

And it ought to last you a lifetime.

Where do we find the leather for our leather lounges?

One can’t just say that leather is leather is leather. No, there is a vast difference in the quality of the leather you find in different countries.

We source the leather we use in the manufacturing of our custom made lounges from countries like Italy, Scotland and New Zealand. By doing so, we ensure that not only do we use top quality leather but the animals the leather came from, were treated humanely.

Whilst leather is both durable and beautiful, nobody wants an animal to be treated inhumanely just so we can have a beautiful leather lounge. There are countries where it is common knowledge that animals are being treated inhumanely, just so that they can have leather for export. In some of these countries we find some of the biggest exporters of leather in the world.

However, because of the inhumane treatment of their animals, Leisure Lounges will never import leather from these countries, no matter how cheap it is.

So why leather from Italy, Scotland and New Zealand?

No animal husbandry takes place in these countries with the specific aim to produce leather. Leather in these countries are made from hides that would have been destroyed, if not bought by leather manufacturers.

Because animals are slaughtered for their meat, the hides are a by product that then is sold to be made into leather. If these hides weren’t used in leather lounges and other leather products, they would go to waste.